San Francisco, California


I once read somewhere that people go to New York to find wealth, to Los Angeles to find fame, and to San Francisco to find themselves. Toby certainly makes that theory truer. She is one of the most grounded artists I’ve ever met and at the young age of eighty, she continues to make art every day. She and her husband, Joe have completely filled their two story house with thousands of pieces of their own art. I felt like I was walking into a museum that she had made herself.

Along with making art, she also teaches classes, hosts a room in her place on AirBnb, and counsels artists on how to properly copyright their work. We sat down for tea with them the first day we met. As Joe made art on his iPad, Toby told us about what it was like to live in Greece for many years. There is a joy that emanates from her that really proves that she loves what she’s made and is still making.

In many ways, Toby and Joe embody a lifestyle that I continue to seek for myself. On our way out Toby handed us a bulging envelope filled with cutouts and stickers and photos of her own work. As Elle reached her hand in to grab one of the pieces out of the envelope Toby said, “They’re all for you dear.” “Really?” we said, “All of them, thank you!” That’s how Toby is. I consider myself to be a pretty good listener, but when I listened to the recording of our interview with her I heard things that were profound to me that I didn’t hear the first time. She shares her art with you in more ways than just on canvas.

All artwork is Toby Klayman © 2016. You can view and purchase Toby’s work at

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