Denver, Colorado


Savinay is a connector. When a friend of ours contacted him asking if he or someone he knew wanted to do a story, he directed us by way of page-length emails to several friends who inspired him. If you already listened to Diana’s story, you might have recognized him in some of the photos. He joined us on our excursion with her, during which he told us about Minds Matter. We immediately jumped at the possibility to do a story on him but were met with initial hesitation. After a couple hours climbing, though, he decided he would do it. “We’ve been talking about taking risks and all, so why not?” he said.

College is one of those risks you make in life. For some teenagers, it’s difficult to decide where to go and for what degree. However, the reality for most students today is finding the courage to apply at all. Needless to say, the largest factor that prevents these students from ever attending college is their parents’ income level. Even if they are a high potential student, they have a much less chance of attending college. The organization Minds Matter works for, aims to get these high potential teenagers that would otherwise have a 1 in 5 chance of ever going (often less) to college. My favorite part of the organization is their success rate: 100%.

Sav is the president of the Denver chapter of Minds Matter. When we met them it was obvious to us that he was passionate about the organization. He knows each student by name and works hard to make sure each one of them can one day attain a university degree. Sav thinks that income level should never limit the opportunity for a student to attend college and fights every day to make that a reality. In just the small amount of time we were with him we witnessed the change that he was making in the world around him.

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