Dallas, Georgia


“Think Deep, Don’t Sleep.” These are the words inscribed directly above and below Jason’s eyes, an interesting place to put tattoos not only because anyone looking at him can’t help but see them, but also because he’s the only person that can’t see them. Of course, a mirror would allow him to read it, but he probably doesn’t look at his reflection very often. He doesn’t have much extra time. He has dozens of pit bulls to take care of. That is a lot of dogs. So many, that in order to take care of them he has to live in the same house as them. He joked a few times, though, that the house is their 8 bedroom home, they just let him stay there.

When a pit bull is given a temperament test, it does extremely well, often better than other breeds including beagles and border collies. The logic is this: the same traits that make pit bulls so aggressive toward other dogs are what make them so gentle with humans. However, “the generalizations of pit bull aggression towards humans are made towards the breed itself”, as Malcolm Gladwell points out in his 2006 New Yorker article. “The proper categorization should be made towards a pit bull’s negligent owners.”

The world seems to be against pit bulls right now. If negligent owners and illegal dog fighters were Jason’s only enemies, then his job may not be quite as difficult. He has to fight the ignorant and false generalizations about the breed upheld by media and popular belief, which therein prevents pit bulls finding good homes. They really deserve better and it’s through the unbelievable kindness of people like Jason that give this remarkable breed hope for a better future. Imagine giving up a six digit salary to run a pit bull rescue. That’s Jason. After realizing this about Jason I also realized that his exclamative tattoo isn’t actually for him because he truly embodies those words. Those words are for me.

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