Morrison, Colorado


The night we visited they had invited some of their friends over for dinner and the seven of us hung out inside the camper. It never bothered us that we couldn’t walk through a large house or that when someone needed to walk by we had to play a quick game of musical chairs with them. We actually kind of enjoyed it as we pretended we were kids hanging out in a treehouse. I went outside a couple times to take some long exposure shots of the camper and couldn’t help but smile at the laughter roaring inside.

Essentially, living in a camper is probably like living in a house that is only the size of your bedroom, maybe smaller. For them, it started as a challenge. They wondered about how small of space they could actually live in. What began as a simple idea turned into a reality when they moved out of their apartment and into the newly bought camper RV. The smallness was actually a joy for them. Having also lived in a tiny home for a year I can definitely say that there is something about the struggle of living in a tiny space that makes life more interesting and delightful. You can more easily be content with less. Kathleen and Greg felt like they were camping every night like they were closer to nature. As of now, they haven’t lost their joie de vivre. If anything, their happiness has grown. They even survived the polar vortex of 2014 using custom insulation blocks that Greg made for the windows.

Living in small spaces, like vans, cars, campers, looks a lot like a revival of the hippie-spirited van-dwelling days of Woodstock. However, because many millennials today don’t have the financial capability of renting or buying a home, they have either their parents (God willing) or a small space to choose from. So, why not live in a van or camper? Several influential blogs have made it clear that this may not just be a new idea, but the new American dream. So while most Americans might laugh at the size of Kathleen and Greg’s home today, someday it might not be all that crazy.

Kathleen and Greg manage a blog called, Tiny House, Tiny Footprint. You should check it out.

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