Chicago, Illinois


Everything about the performance, “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind,” is random. First, the ticket price for the show is random, with a fixed number ($9) being added to the roll of a six-sided die for each person. Upon payment, a member of the cast shouts, “What’s your name?” at the audience member before giving him or her a nametag with a random and unrelated “name.” Even the list of plays is perpetually rotating. Every week between two and twelve plays (determined by two rolls of a die by someone in the audience) are removed from the “menu” and replaced with new plays, written in the course of the week. As part of a light-hearted tradition, when a particular evening sells out, the cast orders pizza from a local restaurant, allowing the audience to shout out toppings. Only a single pizza is ordered, however, which the entire audience must share.

Greg is the creator of TMLMTBGB. Like any good playwright, he is well read. When we asked him what he was currently reading he pointed to a dozen books stacked on the floor near the sofa and said, “Well, that’s it.” His house looked like it could be the kind of small used bookstore where you keep turning around corners to find even more wall space filled with more books.

And just like a small used bookstore, Greg’s mind was filled with knowledge around every corner too. He was a scholar and a gentleman. Each question we asked would lead to a new maze of a story that I found both fascinating and almost too intellectual to understand. His curiosity and awareness of the human experience was impeccable.

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