These days it feels impossible to find much good in the news at all. Sensationalism distracts us from the truth, that the world isn’t really that bad. We’re glad that we don’t actually live in a world as horrible as news programs make it out to be. However, we do think that there should be more media outlets for people to see the world as it is. Good news should be made public just as much as the bad.

Jack Kerouac suggests in his introduction to Robert Frank’s, The Americans, that humankind-ness might just be human-kindness after all.

In late 2015, we posted our mission for the trip to Facebook. Dozens of our friends connected us to people they were inspired by. We were overwhelmed, but excited. On November 28th, we left our home in San Francisco to embark on a 6-week road trip around the United States to meet these inspiring Americans in person. Our goal was to do what media often doesn’t do: To share stories that are simple, yet inspiring. And to tell them in an honest way. Now, we realize that this way of sharing stories may not be for everyone. We’re all different. If you are having trouble sitting through each video, consider going a little more slowly. This isn’t a blog and this gallery is here to stay. So come back to it whenever you want. Remember not to expect an exciting story or surprise ending every time. Just listen.

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Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way. There is no way this project could have succeeded without the help of our friends and family. We are grateful for every cup of tea, welcoming hug, engaging conversation, and comfortable place to lay our head. Thank you to Gracie Lemos for your unique and creative support. Finally, thank you for listening and reading.

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